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Applying for

Child Support Enforcement Division
Applying for Child Support

To apply for child support services, you can call:

The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services [HFS] (800) 447-4278

You will be mailed a packet that includes a IV-D application and an affidavit of income and expenses, which you must complete and return. You can also obtain these forms on the HFS web site at http://www.ilchildsupport.com. Once your application is received and processed, an intake appointment letter will be mailed to you containing information regarding the date, time and location of your interview and the documents you are required to provide

At the intake appointment, you will meet with a Family Support Specialist who will assist you in completing the necessary forms, one of which will be a legal complaint or petition.

Your case will be handled either through an administrative process or a court process. If the court process is used, your case is forwarded to the State’s Attorney’s Office for review and approval of the complaint or petition by an Assistant State’s Attorney. Once approved, your case is processed for filing with the court.

The State’s Attorney’s Office is only involved in the court process.

Out-of-State Services

Can you receive services if the non-custodial parent lives in another state?

Yes. There are interstate procedures for cases in which the non-custodial parent lives in another state.

Key Documents

What documents and information should you bring to your interview?

Information about the non-custodial parent (if available):

  • Current address or last known address;
  • Social Security number;
  • Date of birth;
  • Name and address of employer;
  • Photograph

Copies of the following documents:

  • Social Security card for you and your child
  • Your child’s birth certificate
  • Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity [VAP]
  • Marriage Certificate [if you are not divorced]
  • Judgment of Dissolution [if you are divorced]
  • Court orders regarding paternity, child support and/or custody
  • Orders of Protection
  • Administrative orders of paternity and/or child support
  • Proof of special medical needs of your child
  • List of child support payments received directly from the non-custodial parent
  • Any other relevant information in your possession