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Domestic Violence
Target Abuser Call - T.A.C.


T.A.C (Target Abuser Call) is the first multi-disciplinary approach to domestic violence cases in the country. It was developed by several organizations in 1997 to reach victims who have not availed themselves of the court system. This collaboration that joins prosecutors, law enforcement, the advocacy community and civil attorneys as a team to assist the victims of domestic violence.


  • Insuring Victim Safety
  • Holding Offenders Accountable


  • The programs protocol requires a focus on high-risk cases at the misdemeanor level.
  • The Target Abuser Call case protocol is both victim and offender oriented.
  • Each case is selected based on the defendants domestic violence background as well as the circumstances of the criminal case.


    T.A.C. was created with the idea to serve victims of domestic violence with a different approach and to be able to assist them with their concerns and needs.


    The T.A.C program has been recognized by the Department of Justice as one of the top twenty Promising Practices and has also received local media recognition in several articles.


    T.A.C. addresses the criminal and civil issues for the victims of domestic violence.


    The victims in the T.A.C. program have a team of professionals available for their needs and concerns. The material available to victims can also be provided in Spanish and Polish.

    The materials available to victims are:

  • Victim Information Sheet
  • Subpoena Attachment
  • Victim Information Folder
    Provided by the victim witness specialist
  • Victim Information Packet
    Provided by the court advocates


  • Offer individualized support and advocacy to each victim
  • Develop additional evidence that will enhance specialized prosecutors efforts
  • Offer accessible civil legal services to victims


  • Open Communication system
  • Weekly team meetings
  • Weekly/monthly team reports

    T.A.C. Target Abuser Call "Victim Information Sheet"

    The Target Abuser Call is a group of professionals working together to help victims with their criminal case and other issues that arise. The T.A.C. Team is made of:

  • An Assistant State's Attorney will prosecute the defendant in the criminal case, will interview the victim and help the victim obtain an Order of Protection. If necessary, the prosecutor will request domestic violence counseling, alcohol or drug treatment for the defendant.

  • A Victim Witness Specialist works closely with the Assistant State's Attorney. The victim-witness specialist is available to answer any questions victims have with their order of protection, their criminal case and the criminal justice system.

  • A State's Attorney's Office Investigator will give the victim a subpoena and provide them with a victim information sheet, verify their safety and needs. The Investigator may be requested to seek other forms of evidence in their case.

  • A Hull House Court Advocate provides free services to victims. All shared information is kept confidential. The advocates provide victims with assistance, ongoing emotional support, explain court process, monitor the court proceedings, addresses each victims special concerns/needs, referrals for counseling, shelter, crime victims compensation and other services.

  • LifeSpan for Legal Services Attorney provides free representation for victims in civil court. These family law issues include: child custody, paternity, visitation, child support and obtaining an order of protection from civil court when necessary.

  • A Social Service Liaison monitors the compliance/non compliance of offenders ordered to report to the social service department for counseling services. The liaison will report to the victim if any issues arise surrounding the offender's compliance.

  • The Administrative Assistant's are available Monday - Friday, from 8am-5pm to provide assistance to victims and the team members.

    The victim information sheet provides names and numbers of which team member to contact if they need assistance.


  • Long-term contact to ensure victim safety.
  • Focus on repeat offenders at Misdemeanor level.
  • The team employs a vertical approach to prosecution, advocacy, and victim assistance.
  • Special investigators enhance evidence collection and promote victim safety.
  • The TAC Team builds trust and provides support to each client.
  • The Civil Attorney provides family law representation to address victims legal needs which are collateral to the criminal case.
  • Expert Advocacy services provide support, information and referrals to necessary victim services such as counseling, shelter, day care and emergency financial assistance.
  • The multi-agency nature of the team allows for each of the victims needs to be addressed either directly or through referral.
  • On the first court date, each member of the team visits with the victim, explains their role, and makes an effort to listen and identify the clients needs and concerns.


    LifeSpan for Legal Services
    20 E. Jackson, Suite 500
    Chicago, IL 60604

    Hull House Domestic Violence Project
    1340 S. Michigan, Room 211
    Chicago, IL 60605

    Cook County Social Services Department
    2650 S. California, Room 901
    Chicago, IL 60608

    Domestic Violence Division
    555 W. Harrison
    Chicago, IL 60607
    Fax: 312.325.9270